Applying orthodontics

Instalación de aparatos de ortodoncia

We are dedicated to expand the limits of excellence regarding lingual orthodontics to provide our patients with a beautiful smile.

We now use smaller brackets that bring an increased comfort to the patient and less time of treatment.

Braces can have a profound impact in alignment and appearance of your teeth. They can reduce and even completely correct several conditions, giving you a more beautiful smile.

If you have gaps between our teeth, Dr. Cardozo can apply brackets to close them.

When you smile, if the upper and lower rows of teeth do not meet correctly, you may have and overbite or underbite, which can be corrected with lingual orthodontics

If you have "overcrowding" of teeth, that means that your teeth overlap, braces can be designed to realign your teeth so that they are positioned neatly side by side.

The best of all is that you can correct your teeth with lingual braces which are completely invisible.

Why having an orthodontic treatment?

ortodoncia es lograr la armonía y el equilibrio entre los dientes

Here there is a short introduction for our prospective patients. The main goal of the orthodontic treatment is to achieve the harmony and balance between the teeth and face, in other words, to get a beautiful smile. But also there are additional benefits.

Crowded or protruding teeth tend to be more susceptible to decay as well as to gum disease. If your teeth do not meet correctly they also can cause jaw problems.

Your first consultation

Su primera consulta

At your firts consultation, Dr. Cardozo will discuss with you the goals you want to achieve.

The X-rays needed for the diagnose will include teeth, mouth and jaws. Dental impressions and photographs may be required to have a full understanding of how your jaw is functioning. The treatment will not start until the second appointment, giving you time to get to know us and have all the answers to your questions.

We require that patients under 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the first appointment.

Patients who wish to contact us to have their first consultation or discuss treatment options are welcomed.

We are fully commited to excellence, you can expect from us:

  • Clear explanations and choices.
  • Involvement in the treatment plan.
  • The latest techniques and materials in the market.
  • An estimate of costs before beginning the treatment.
  • A caring, warm and friendly service of first quality, with plenty of time for discussing your needs.

Types of braces for aligning your teeth

The Orthodontic treatment always involves the use of a brace (orthodontic appliance). All types of braces have one aim: use a gentle pressure to move the teeth to a new position. The treatment you need will determine the type of brace to be used. The brace might be:

Removable: A removable brace is a plastic plate with delicate wires and strings. As the name suggests, the brace can be removed for cleaning.

Fixed: Brackets are stuck to teeth and are connected by a flexible wire that is tightened at regular intervals. In case you may need a fixed brace, depending on your case, you will have the possibility to choose between ceramic (tooth-colored) or metal brackets.

Functional: These braces are worn in the upper and lower teeth at the same time. By connecting both parts of the braces, the power of the jaw is used to move teeth in tandem.

How long does the treatment last?

Un cambio radical se puede lograr en meses

A dramatic change can be achieved in months. However, the treatment can last between one or two years, depending on the original problem. Appointments are usually every four to six weeks. Once you are satisfied with the way your teeth look, your brace, is replaced by a retainer.

This may be fixed or removable or a combination of both. Retainers are designed to stabilise your teeth in the new position. The removable retainer should be worn for a minimum of one year.

During treatment

el éxito del tratamiento de ortodoncia

We relieve that the success of a treatment relies on the teamwork between patient and orthodontist. Patients who follow the advices given to them get the best results.

During treatment, you should have to take special care of your teeth, this care will be explained in detail for you.